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Online UCAS applications to UK Universities for 2021

UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, provides the centralized online application system for entry to undergraduate courses at UK universities. The system is called Apply. Students wishing to be considered for at least some of the universities that UKESC works with can use the Apply system through UKESC, this will mean that we can see your application in progress which makes it easiest for us to assist if you have problems and we can look the application over for you. If you wish to use Apply through UKESC, firstly fill in the registration form at if you have not previously done so, submit it, and then e-mail to discuss your application.


1. Choose your referee; (s)he should be the principal of your school or college, or somebody who has taught you and knows your work well. Check that your referee is willing to supply a reference in Word, to be emailed to . I can provide a guidance sheet for you to give to your referee that provides information about what should be included. NB It will be important for your referee to include predicted grades for your final marks if you will be taking exams next summer.

2. When you have completed your application, you will need to give a debit or credit card number to pay for your application, which costs £26 GB pounds for multiple courses (up to five) or £20 GBP if you're applying to just one course. NB I do not see your card details; they are confidential between you and UCAS.

3. To register with UCAS for the first time:

· Go to website and click on the Sign in in the top right and select Students. Under Undergraduate select 2021 entry and Apply.

· Then on the next screem under Register click the red register button, read the information then click next

· Read the t&cs and follow the instructions, filling in all your personal information and click next for each page

· Choose a password, security questions and answers, click next.

You will be given a username. KEEP YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD IN A SAFE PLACE FOR FUTURE USE. It is particularly important to keep a note of your username, as that can’t be changed. If you lose one or both of them, email me for help. Start a UCAS file and keep all application information in it.

· Click on Log in now, you will be asked how you are applying. Click through another organisation, then next

· You will then be asked for your buzzword, which is ukesc2021, so type this in, then click next

· It will say You are registering through UKESC (West Indies),......Oxford....Is this correct? select yes then next

· Make a note of your UCAS personal ID number and click verify your email address

· Enter the code that will have been emailed to you when you clicked verify. Then click verify email.

Next time you will be able to log in just using your username and password.

When you have finished click to logout. If you just close the browser at the top of the page you may be locked out and have to email and ask me to unlock it for you.

Please email to let me know that you have linked your application to our UCAS centre, so I can approve the link as we are not automatically notified that a link is pending. 

I can help you with all the different sections of the application, such as entering exam results, and advice about your personal statement. The personal statement should be done LAST, after you have chosen your courses and universities. In the personal details section, under nominated access, I strongly suggest you include my name, and put advisor under the heading relationship to you. Then I can phone UCAS for you at any stage of the application and speak to them for you on your behalf if you need to query anything. If you don’t put my name, UCAS won’t let me do this and you or your nominated person will need to speak to them yourself. 

If you have any problems using the service, e-mail me for guidance. There are odd days when the system is down for maintenance, the UCAS website will notify you of such matters in a banner at the top of the page but you should not leave things until the last minute as such issues may affect you.


Charlotte Furse-Roberts November 2020