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How to apply

Intending applicants to UKESC's universities should contact UKESC before applying, for optimal advice and assistance, rather than waiting until after applying. As well as advising on applications, UKESC can advise on scholarships and other opportunities that might be missed if contact is delayed.

Undergraduate or Postgraduate?

Undergraduate programmes

(BSc, BA, LLB, BEd, BEng, BMus etc) are first degree courses aimed at school and college leavers with CAPE, A Level, associate degree, HND or other equivalent qualifications. Sometimes practical experience or ACCESS qualifications will qualify for entry. Applications for undergraduates are made through a centralised UK system called UCAS (Click here to see UCAS process). UKESC provides free assistance with UCAS applications to students applying to any of the universities it works with.

Postgraduate programmes

(MA, MSc, MBA, MEd, LLM, MPhil, PhD etc) are for students with a first degree or substantial relevant work experience. Applications for postgraduate programmes are made to individual universities. Please contact UKESC for information, advice, application assistance, scholarship information and personal follow-up with UK university staff. All UKESC's help is free and it will make the process easier for you.